Or maybe hoping someone would?

Global AwakeningWe want to make a difference, right? But trying to fix things outwardly is not just a well-established habit for how to deal with our problems which comes from a mind-centered (ego-centric) stance in life, but it also has a poor track record. Put out one fire and another breaks out.  Yes?  Our thought-based identity tends to initially only consider surface level fixes for world issues which actually go much deeper – which come from the consciousness of separation and fear that the separate self or ego operates on.  Fortunately there is another way.

The issues our world is presenting us with can be met more effectively on the level of their origin by going beneath the surface. We can look into what they bring our attention to about ourselves. Each disturbance to our peace of mind is a pointer toward inner resolution of something that is disturbing our own hearts. In that way life’s disturbances can be seen as a part of the awakening force they are designed by life to be.

To approach the world issues (or our personal issues) inwardly, my meeting them at their core in no way hampers our ability to offer concrete service as needed (such as feeding the hungry). It is not an either/or. Looking inward for resolution simply is adding another dimension to our
awareness of our situation, and this opens up the possibilities for what can happen.

~from a longer article by Alice Gardner

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