Hi Everyone!

I headed north from Park Sierra on 4/27 on my first big trip with my Scamp trailer!  I’m writing you today from Eugene Oregon where I am visiting with my best friend from high school.

IMG_1615I took three days to drive up here from CA, mostly on the interstate because the weather was stormy.  It even hailed on me on the top of the Siskiyou Pass.  The hailstones got into my air conditioner vents and then melted water onto the floor which was flukey.  I have a straight-up learning curve happening here, with various problematic incidents teaching me more about what I’m doing.

I’m going under the assumption that whatever happens is meant to happen and just learning as I go.  Biggest problem has been having the trailer swaying in high winds, so yesterday I spent some big bucks on a new sway control hitch.  Safety first, right?

There is a strong sense of freedom happening on this trip, and a deepening trust in life, as well as the steep learning curve.  The circumstances of being out on the road on my own seems to just make it much clearer whether I am trusting life in each moment or not. Its more black and white than usual: either I’m in a blissful state enjoying the surroundings I’m passing through or I’m in fear about something that might not be ok. There’s a vulnerability that actually is always there I guess, but in these circumstances it feels more like a threat than usual.  I’m out on a limb in a way.

The cool thing is that when the fears arise they stand out like a sore thumb and I’m able to welcome them as messengers about a habitual pattern of thinking that is ready to clear itself.  The fearful moments stand out against the bliss and fade quickly with reminding myself that I don’t really know what’s the best thing to happen and the hard things can often yield essential changes in course.  Then amazingly quickly the trust in life returns.


A few years ago I was on a wildflower trip around California and I had brake trouble on my car which was scary.  It turned out that when I found a car repair place in the little town I was in, it was one of the highlights of the whole trip because of the people I met there.  So whatever happens I can remember that experience and roll with whatever is happening and see where it leads.


As I head north, I am traveling back into springtime – it feels like time travel. The dogwoods, rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom in Oregon and the trees are a thousand colors of green from the newness of the leaves. In the end I will be driving back into winter as I enter the Canadian Rockies.Awakening

On another topic, is everyone familiar with Kosmos Journal?  If not, check it out at https://www.kosmosjournal.org/

I would like to recommend Kosmos Journal which is available in digital or paper form now.  A lot of great info is available with a free email subscription or on the website, but subscribing to their newly transformed paper journal for $30/year if you can afford it will support this community of  excellent writers, editors and publishers who address the many aspects of the global awakening we are all a part of. Their first newly transformed journal comes out in June.

The illustration below is from Kosmos and speaks volumes to me about the beautiful country I am passing through on this journey. Tomorrow I head north again into the Columbia Gorge and then on into Washington State.
Happy adventuring,