I am not quite retired yet but am on a pre-retirement adventure to learn more about this lifestyle I’m planning, and to connect up with others. I left Coarsegold CA Tuesday morning in the pouring rain & am currently relaxing in the most gorgeous weather in Quartzite AZ at a gathering of full-timers called “Rubber Tramp Rendezvous”.

Driving for two days was an exercise in what i will call an  “open focus” state. This is, at least for me, different than a meditative state because it is completely functional. Without taking attention away from the road, the gas guage, etc., there is an opening or a broadening of attention both horizontally and vertically, and temporally too. The attention encompasses the horizon in every direction: the distant hills, the road ahead & behind, the expanse of land being moved through.  Connecting with the vertical connection feels like paying attention both to the sphere of the earth below & plugging into divine connection in an upward direction.

There is little distraction driving except internal. It became more and more obvious that the constant narrowing of attention that has comprised my non meditative life is simply a well established habit.

A little poetic expression from day one:

Into the storm

One hundred miles
Straight as an arrow
Through the heart
of American agriculture
While a soaking rain
Feeds the coming crops
The orange groves
The rich earth.

Then up…
Into the clouds
Through the Tehachapi hills
To the brown and barren Mojave.
Coming like a harbinger of spring
Bringing the first rain to parched ground
That barely remembers how to absorb
This nourishing liquid.
The raindrops welcome but unfamiliar
To the brown landscape,
The sprinkling of Joshua trees
The bare mountains
Commanding the horizon.

Spiritual Awakening

Across the desert then, with its stark beauty. With puddles on the ground and clearing skies.

Planetary awakening

Meeting an old friend at Lake Havasu and caravaning to Quartzite for a spectacular first evening’s sunset. I will stay here for several days until the power runs out in my Scamp.  It is time for learning and resting…

Planetary Awakening.