Life in Motion

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This photograph is from a recent trip to Yosemite.  There is a deep snow-pack in the mountains at this time of year, but the weather during our trip was warm [...]

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Spring Opening – A Poem

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The month of May Brings opening From bud to blossom. Tightly bound, Each bud stands Complete, still and perfect Being a bud. Yet there is movement too. Imperceptibly the bud [...]

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An Evolutionary Movement at Hand

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Except from Alice Gardner's upcoming book, Making Sense of Tumultuous Times. How evolution and adaptation are no longer abstract concepts, but have everything to do with our everyday lives.

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An Evolutionary Movement At Hand

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An excerpt from Alice's upcoming book: "Although there is a lot of argument about the word evolution regarding the origin of the humanity (evolution versus the other creation stories) we [...]

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Change is Here Now

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Barack Obama won the US election on a platform of change. Many of us may be hoping that he single-handedly can change how things are going in America and in [...]

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