I’ve been Scamping in Southern Vermont now for several weeks.  The Brattleboro area is where I lived for over 30 years of my life.  There are so many people still here from that time. Vermonters stay put!  I’ve been having a great time visiting.  However, the weather has not been nice, meaning lots of heat, rain and high humidity.  This is not true of every summer in Vermont, but I’ve seen others like it before and I remember it well.


How we feel when its too hot and humid

Fortunately I am sheltering in a real house this week, petsitting for friends.  I just couldn’t stay on top of the humidity in my Scamp without running my air conditioner all the time (which is noisy and sucks up lots of electricity).

Vermont remains a gorgeous place, even when its like this, with lots of nice cold streams to jump into to counteract the heat.  The pic below is the valley I lived in for twenty years and where I still own some beautiful farmland. I’ve been letting people here know that I want to sell my 14.4 acres next year sometime, and am hoping to find some young people here who have farming in the blood the way I did when i was young.

Green River, big meadow, Guilford VT

Grassy Spur, Green River, Guilford VT

I’ve run into a block in my writing process. Its a combination between my editors telling me that I needed to do major structural changes in the book, and the fact that I really don’t know what I’m talking about in a certain way of looking at it.  I have this overarching curiosity at this point of trying to write about his experience of deep connection or we-space I’ve been exploring in for years — a curiosity that asks what exactly is happening when it occurs.  I can experience it easily enough, and even seem particularly attuned to being able to experience it, but I don’t for a moment understand what I’m doing.  My best guess is that it is either a synchronizing of brain waves or some kind of a synchronizing of nervous systems that occurs, but I want to know for sure.  I’ve been reading as much as I can lately to try to fill in this missing piece but I don’t have any answers yet.  I guess I’m going back into research mode for a while. If you know something about this topic, reply to this email and point me in good directions.

At the moment I am reading “Contemplative Dialogue Practices” by Tom Murray and “Cohering the Integral We-Space” (eds.: Olen Gunnlaugson Ph.D & Michael Brabant Ph.D) by multiple authors. A lot of it is academically over-my-head (or something) but it is also fantastic to “meet” more explorers in this territory. These papers are coming out of Ken Wilbur’s integral work and refers to what I am trying to write about as “We-Space”.  Here is a quote from “Contemplative Dialogue Practices” intro:

“One leading branch of thought draws strongly from psychological and spiritual (or transpersonal) principles to suggest that what is needed (my words: (for positive developments in human society)) are dialogue structures that support people in putting aside preconceptions, assumptions, biases and mental filters to achieve states of more open awareness and “higher consciousness.” These models share much with  the traditions of contemplative practice, which use deep listening, stillness, equanimity, and inner reflections as tools of insight and growth.”

This Sunday I go to Rhinebeck NY to attend Thomas Huebl‘s “Celebrate Life Festival” at Omega Institute.  I am very much looking forward to that, and especially to meeting with more of the beautiful community of souls that convene around Thomas. If you would like to attend by live stream, see this page.  It should be wonderful!

Happy Summer Everyone!


Green River crib dam & waterfall, Green River Village, Guilford VT