IMG_0746I am hearing on the news today that it is 103 degrees in Stanford and I’m happy to report that I am far away in the Black Hills of South Dakota where it is still early spring and the leaves are just now popping out on the trees.

I am a volunteer at Custer State Park in South Dakota and enjoying it very much. I help visitors learn about the area and the wildlife. We have about 1450 buffalo here who roam free on 50,000 acres. They own this place. Even my campsite, where they come through at will, cut the grass for us and occasionally make us late for work by surrounding our campers as they make themselves at home.  Below is what I saw when I wanted to go out my door in the morning to go to work. He wasn’t at all happy with me for waking him up!

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Those of you who are not yet retired may wonder why I would trade my utter freedom for a job like I’m doing here, but it is simply that I am trying out all different kinds of things with my freedom.  In the end I will see what fits.

This job ends in early July and I will be back to traveling for the rest of the summer.

Besides learning cool facts about buffalo, elk, deer, history etc, my favorite thing is watching the visitors faces light up when I help them plan their days here. It feels like a rare privilege to be able to talk to large amounts of people in a way that brightens their day and makes them excited about life. I take the power to do that seriously and want to see if I can extend that to the rest of my life.

Meanwhile I have been surfing the waves of new relationship in a way that brightens my own heart and strengthens me on my own life direction. My life feels very full and happy.

I find time for hiking and taking pictures and the one below is Sylvan Lake, here at Custer State Park. Five minutes after this was taken, the skies opened and it started to rain and hail.