thistle.jpg“The world situation that life is presenting us with in the 21st century is a natural outcome of the state of consciousness that has created it.

“People having an internal system for understanding life that is based on limited thought processes and giving a view of themselves as separate and insecure individuals, naturally creates a world full of conflict and fear.

“But consider that this may also be part of a perfect unfolding!

“This may be how life works, that each stage of consciousness along the way in our development brings with it its own crisis.

“Each crisis forces individuals to question their current reality system, and to try to find a new stability by stretching into new versions of themselves with fuller capabilities and by outgrowing any old habits that no longer support them.

“Life creates situations that cannot be solved at their own level because the ways of seeing and knowing that have brought us to this point aren’t working anymore. Our old paradigms and models are failing us and we are forced to let go of our old ways of constructing reality and look again to see what we have missed.”

© 2009 Alice Gardner

The above is an excerpt out of my upcoming book, a book without a name as yet. It seems clearly to be about how the world situation is both a support for and a motivator into the next steps in our development as a species. I will include more excerpts over the next few months as I am actively writing it.