white_iris.jpgLIVE WEBCAST on Never Not Here TV with Alice Gardner. You are invited to participate in a conversation about living your awakening in the midst of your everyday life, and how your current circumstances are exactly perfect, just the way they are.

April 12th
1:00 pm Pacific time,
3:00 pm Chicago Time,
4:00 pm Eastern time,
9:00 pm London time,
10:00 pm on the continent.

We would love to hear from you, so check your phone rates to Chicago (the # will be posted on the day) and put this online visit on your calendar for Easter afternoon!
“Who we think we are is only ever a thought. Only by stepping outside the world of thought, can the reality of the one-life be seen. This reality is what everything rests on, what thought rises from and falls back into. It is what is here before birth and after death. It is what we all simply and really are.

“When we realize what else there is beyond our ideas about everything, there is often a gap where we don’t yet have a sense of how to live this–how to bring it into our busy modern lives, our families, our workplaces and our concerns about world issues. We are not immediately able to embody the Truth that we have realized.

“Through exposure to the experience of others in an awakening process, we can relax the old ideas about “enlightenment” being something that can only happen to special people who live in monasteries or caves. We can embrace the existence of our own awakened presence, right in the midst of our everyday lives. Where else could it be? It was right Here all along!”
–A. Gardner from Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice

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