Has Oprah’s marketing call “get ready to awaken” bothered anyone else? It bothered me, but then it inspired the following words about how we might actually be able to do so:

Oprah has been telling us “prepare to be awakened” and people are signing up by the thousands. For many of us, this awakening thing is of utmost importanceit’s what our lives are all about. Others of us may be signing up with a simple curiosity or perhaps an inclination to argue. In either case, so often our minds want to know—how exactly can people prepare to awaken? How, in this particular ten weeks, can we allow ourselves to really awaken? We ask this whether we are currently in an organized religion or not. It doesn’t matter. If what Eckhart is saying is true, awakening can be possible for us no matter what our cultural or family history or religious beliefs. We have engaged in our belief systems in order to come to this point of stepping beyond them.

As we come to this point (becoming ready) we can lovingly embrace any of our tendencies to argue or to think too much (or whatever our perceived faults might be) with a gentle acceptance of the miracle of having arrived right here, at this exact place where we are now, here at the beginning of this course. This place, this moment, has an inherent openness to the possibility of spiritual awakening built into it. If we are in any way able to notice the noise that our minds are making such as “but tell me how?”, or “I can’t awaken because…” then we are noticing this mental hubbub from a place of a spaciousness in us that is always and already ready to awaken. This open spaciousness in our beings IS our readiness, or more accurately, it is the One that we are who already is awake. Just feel this. Be this one that you are. Stay right HERE. This is readiness to awaken. It is this open, spacious, don’t-know, place in us that gives Eckhart’s words have a place to land in our beings. If we think we know a lot of things about spiritual or other matters, then that openness is hidden under the noise of that. It is still there, but it is not accessible to us, and Eckhart’s words will fall on infertile ground. But with a simple openness we are able to both enjoy Eckhart and Oprah and enjoy ourselves, and decide for ourselves if what is being spoken about is true for us or not. No-one is asking anyone to believe anything. Just be open and see for yourselves what is of value here.

I feel able to advise in this way because Eckhart transformed my life so very dramatically back in 2002, and I’ve had years to wonder about how it was that I happened to be “ready” at that moment.





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