Spiritual Community of Awakening

There has been a lot happening in my life and I apologize for not keeping everyone informed.  My Dad passed away at 95 this summer.  He lived in New Hampshire and so I’ve been away a lot.  Also right before that happened I took a long road trip.  Drove to Minnesota and back to pick up my new Scamp camp trailer.  Wow, right?

Conscious Evolution

This is all about the fact that I’m retiring from Stanford in February 2018 and getting back to writing.  I will spend a few years just traveling around in the Americas, but will also have a home base over by Yosemite which will give me a stable place to go to keep up with my online life.

In the Tetons – Aug 2017

Meanwhile I’ve been working on building a new website for my new life ahead.

The website is at alicegardner.org 

It also includes a directory of all the wonderful ways other people are currently known to be building a “new earth” and embodied and sustained higher consciousness in our human family.



The Evolutionary Connections Directory is at evolutionaryconnections.net  It is still very much under construction. There are such a lot of good works that are happening in the world to let you know about and connect you with!  I guess it will probably always be under construction though, at least during my lifetime, won’t it?  …as the new earth arises.  For instance, this week I watched a new movie by someone named Pedram Shojai.  Ever heard of him?  He is doing some wonderful work out here in Silicon Valley and globally in the area of nurturing and growing some new economic systems to replace the old world ones that aren’t working any longer.  I highly recommend his movie.  You can see it for free at https://well.org.  It’s called “Prosperity”.  You can watch for free.  ! Like I said, there is a LOT of exciting work going on these days.

As I wind down my years of running educational programs in grad schools, the sense of direction here is that this seems to be the time to turn towards the most important thing – the thing that calls me and feels like it is why I am here.  What is that? The sense that we as a species have the opportunity now to be moving forward into a higher consciousness as we face the challenges of our time. I sense that this is the time to come together – to get a solid network of connections happening so that we can feel the power of our togetherness and bring this new consciousness to earth, supporting each other in living this consciousness fully in all the ways we function in life.


This is my Dad and I.

Wishing you peace Dad.

We’ll carry on from here.

We’ll be fine