Spiritual Community of Awakening

Hi Everyone,
I’m not sure if you are already in touch with these inspired events happening online but in case not, I wanted to share them with you.  These three things are all projects that I have personally added my support to.  I am feeling so encouraged to see them and am wanting them to evolve forward from here with sufficient support.

First, there was something in October called the “We-Space Summit” which I just couldn’t find the time to participate in.  It is however a remarkable gathering of experienced people who are working with the amazing new relational capability which seems to be becoming available to us humans these days.  The summit proper is over but all the talks are available to keep and listen to at your leisure for $97.  It’s called a “full journey pass”.  This is a remarkable group of individuals coming together to describe and participate in this amazing phenomenon. The we-space experience itself is something that I work with both with individual and group meetings at the moment and am also doing some writing about. Fortunately, it works wonderfully over the phone and internet!

Another group doing great work is “Humanity’s Team”.  They are now offering something called “Community Circle” which offers ongoing contact with like minded people who are on-track with spiritual awakening ti preserve planetary well-being for future generations.  They also do an annual “Global Oneness Day” and ongoing “Living in Oneness”  calls, which present inspiring talks on ways forward for humanity.

And most recently “Humanity’s Team” is assisting Barbara Marx Hubbard, at age 88, in presenting a year long program called “Awaken the New Species in You” .  Barbara describes below the reason she is offering this…
“Our times require—are, in fact, made for—radical transmutation. We are caught in the midst of an existential breakdown and, simultaneously, living at the edge of disruptive breakthroughs of innovations and creativity. During this exact shift point, what our world needs most is for those who are striving to embody love, cooperation and oneness to realize the magnitude of this golden moment. Here’s the very good news: Countless people are emerging who are already part of this new species of Universal Human. Perhaps you are one, as well. Do you feel that something new is being born within you? This intensive offers an entry point into fully realizing yourself as Homo universalis. This opportunity is unprecedented, as the Universal Humans among us have never been convened before to: 1) declare and share what’s new in each of us, and 2) connect what’s new in each of us to create and demonstrate the potential of this great species we are becoming.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Awaken the Species

We get so loaded up with bad news in the paper, tv and radio news.  We need to make sure to keep our perspectives balanced by keeping track of all the good, amazing and wonderful things which are currently percolating in our society also.

I’m working on building the websites below so that we can stay in better touch with whichever of these groups and projects resonate with us at any given time.  I don’t have very many of them posted yet, but promise to keep working away at it, and to ramp it up after February when I leave my day job.  The site has grown out of my own desire to palpably feel the larger community of awakening that we are already a part of.

With gratitude,
Alice Gardner