As January turns to February, I am busy deconstructing my life here in the Bay Area of California and preparing for a leap into an entirely different existence as a full time RVer.  But at the same time there is a deeper track to this change.  This transition is also a release from long-held constrictions on my time and energy and an entry into an existence where my life, my time, my whole existence can more clearly than ever follow the direction of my deepest sense of what I have to offer and what might have the greatest impact on our collective global awakening.

This is something we do together.  The awakening needed by our precious planet is not for just a few.

Yet this moment is something that each of us finds our way to as individuals with unique skills, preferences and purposes.  I seem to have at least a bit of a skill for articulating the vision in writing.  So I write.  I seem to have a capability of connecting deeply with others beyond ego, beyond our separate selves. So I connect where I can. I seem to be called to be some sort of online connection point. So I build websites and directories.

There is a strong sense that has to do not just with me, but for each of us – that if we can each find and courageously express our own unique part that we have to play – that it will all fit together seamlessly into a whole. Together will will comprise a movement, a new kind of revolution, a higher harmony.

What will be the outcome of these activities? This is beyond what I can know, but the call to begin is strong and sure and it is beckoning me.  There is nothing so strong as to stop this.  This is the time. This is the year to step up and enter fully into the life that is more my own than everything that has come before.  And to give that life away to the articulating the larger vision, answer the call toward a higher consciousness for humanity and a collective redesign of how to live and thrive together on this precious planet.

spiritual awakening