“There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”         Teilhard de Chardin

Now is the time in our evolutionary journey from stardust to self-aware, conscious humans for us to  begin to connect up with others who are experiencing a shift to higher consciousness. This shift has many ways it can be described, depending on which religious or philosophical tradition you look at it from.  From a non religious viewpoint, it can be seen simply as a fundamental shift in identity or as awakening.

We start our life’s journey and/or spiritual path on our own, as separate individuals finding our way along.  Then there comes a point in our individual and collective development where  in order keep moving forward we are inclined to begin to function as something larger – this is the point where it becomes important to engage with others in mutually supportive relationships that extend our awakening beyond our personal boundaries.  Today, the shift in consciousness needs to be a global shift we make or don’t make and face the results together.  The pursuit of individual enlightenment is still of value now but begins to be seen through the context of the whole of the evolving human race.  This is our reality in the twenty-first century.

By relating to each other not as separate beings  vying for limited resources, but as various expressions of the one life we are parts of, we offer each other the support and inspiration we need to keep progressing.   This mutuality and support support between people is needed in developing a new way of living and for each of us to play our unique role in the what is coming.  The looked for and hoped for global shift in consciousness is what we might call planetary awakening, spiritual embodiment or indeed, the next step in human evolution.   This supports the down-to-earth activities we may engage in as we are creating the world our hearts know is possible (thank you Charles Eistenstein).  It takes dedicated inner work, mindfulness, awareness & a conscious identity shift in who we are, in order to transform our collective life experience and bring into being the full potential of our time.

Eckhart Tolle passed some kind of a transmission on to me in 2002, and I would love to pass it on again, however that is possible.  This website and directory of awakeners and organizations has grown out of my own increasing ability to listen inwardly and know what to do from one moment to the next, and begin to move forward.  In case you were wondering, I am also very familiar with the blocks and barriers that seem to sometimes make it feel hard to live this realization.  Yes, this is our collective human experience. Me too.

But here the website is, and once I am retired from my day job (Feb, 2018) I also will offer my skills as a mentor in this work, to anyone who could benefit from that kind of a support structure.  But most of all I offer the vision of an arising humanity here, as a structure we create together which will support all of us as we bring it to earth in the way we live our lives and interact with others.  We are needed as points of inspiration and demonstration of a new way of living, and I mean right in the middle of our workplaces, our families, and our nearby social connections as well as the ones we make as we support each other.

Browse around, look at the Directory,  make connections, ask for support where you need it, and practice whatever helps you stay in touch with that which is awakening in you.  For me, I would call that your “larger identity” maybe, or your “higher self” or “where two becomes one”.  However I honor all the ways this indescribable human experience may be described in any tradition or in none.  Although there is not any particular religious tradition being honored here, it is my wish that all religious traditions may be honored as the many ways toward the human development that the 21st century is requiring of us.

Spiritual Mentor