Hi All

Just a quick note to make sure you are all aware of a free event that is happening this Wednesday: Global Oneness Day.

Oneness is the interconnectedness of everything that exists. It’s the experience of being inseparable from everyone and everything. Connecting with Oneness is something we can each do as a response to what’s happening in the world.  We can connect with the larger whole which is also what we are, becoming a little less enmeshed in our egoic thinking patterns.

This event is online and free and open to all. Lots of inspiring speakers are participating. Check out the schedule. It pretty much goes all day on Wednesday October 24th.  Learn more about it and register at

See you there?

PS – I’m at my base in the Sierra foothills now and have been doing some local adventuring in Yosemite and Kings Canyon.  Will add some pics…



This is taken from a high point overlooking Kings Canyon. Doesn’t it look like the glacier laid an egg?


Bridalveil Falls still has water in it at this time of year! Yosemite Falls was completely dry.


A group of us hiked up the old Stagecoach road from the bottom of Bridalveil to the lookout where tourists used to go by stage to view Yosemite Valley. In the pic you can see how there is a flat place up high there.