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Life Beyond Belief

Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice

spiritual mentor - life beyond belief

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ISBN: 978-0-9792435-0-9
LCCN: 2007906003
Trade Paperback-5 ½ x 8 ½
Page count 216 pages

Learn how everyday life can be your most vital spiritual practice!

Experience how your own circumstances, thoughts and feelings are not a distraction from your spiritual life, but are the unique and perfect way for you.

Embrace the life that you already are living with enjoyment, freedom and creativity.

Benefit from an ordinary person’s experience in the territory of spiritual awakening, outside the boundaries of any particular religion.

Discover the Love that resides at the core of who you truly are!

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Includes a Foreword by M.B. Handspicker Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Andover Newton Theological School


Life Beyond Belief is about bridging the personal and cultural gaps between what inspires us and what we are living each day in the midst of our down-to-earth lives. It is a book that crosses all of the religious and spiritual boundaries by uniting us in the commonality of our daily experience of life, and brings our attention to the core of what it is all about. It gives a deeply personal, honest, sincere and accessible account of her experience of awakening, and of the process of learning to live again from the new vantage point that awakening provides.

The subject matter of this book is important at this time because we each must come to terms in our own way with the reality of the divisiveness of our beliefs, particularly around religion, and the outcomes that causes in our world. Readers may find themselves re-inspired to find a way to stay with their chosen religion or path, and to follow their most wholesome spiritual intentions with renewed vigor.

alice-gardner.jpgALICE GARDNER found herself radically transformed after a retreat with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle in October of 2002. This completed her 30 year spiritual search and was the beginning of a new and vital exploration about fully living the realization while in the very human moments of everyday life. Alice has also been influenced strongly by the teachings of Adyashanti and by having lived at the Findhorn Foundation for seven years.


“This book offers important guidance for people who want to realize their true spiritual nature while living active, productive lives. Gardner’s down-to-earth voice and her honesty about her own challenges and limitations make it enjoyable, accessible reading.”

Judith Blackstone Ph.D., educator, licensed psychotherapist, and author of The Empathic Ground, Living Intimately and The Enlightenment Process.


“In this wide-ranging account rooted in profound personal experience, Alice Gardner takes the reader on a journey of penetrating significance. It ends up where all such journeys inevitably invite us to travel – deep into the lived experience of love. Thus, she provides a wonderful guidebook for your own such journey.”

Mark Brady, Ph.D. author of A Little Book of Parenting Skills and The Wisdom of Listening.


“Alice Gardner has succeeded brilliantly in breathing her humanity into the story of awakening to “what is.” Throughout the book, she points out the universality of the cross-cultural perennial Truth that everything is, quintessentially, only One. By directly encouraging us to actively use whatever experiences show up as an occasion to deepen our awareness, she short-circuits the mind’s proclivity to separate itself from the heartbeat of Life. Clear, personal and very readable. Highly recommended.”

Chuck Hillig, author of: Enlightenment for Beginners, Looking for God: Seeing the Whole in One, Seeds for the Soul, The Way IT Is, and The Magic King. www.chuckhillig.com


“Alice Gardner brings exquisite awareness of the opportunities life provides for self-examination. In this lucid book she takes us to the edge of our own traditions so that we may glimpse a universal question for those of us attempting to hold a spiritual path: How are we to practice during the daily activities of life? Gardner offers, gently, an answer: Take those activities as the kindling for the fire of personal transformation. Wonderfully written, biographical of the human condition, I highly recommend this book!”

Ryan Rominger Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Director and expressive artist.


Alice Gardner points to a spirituality that does not depend on belief or dogma. It bridges all barriers in an age where spirituality is divided according to beliefs that only create more separation. She brings it back home to the moment to moment experience of our daily lives and the centrality of our own direct experience beyond all beliefs.

Spirituality has historically been about getting away from or transcending our daily life experience. Alice Gardner’s practical offering of life beyond our beliefs puts spirituality back into its rightful place, at the center of what is happening each moment in our day to day life.

Lynn Marie Lumiere MFT, Psychotherapist, co-author of The Awakening West and contributing author to The Sacred Mirror.


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