A New Earth ArisingMapping the Contours of A New Earth

Connecting the Cells in Our Collective Body

Birthing New Human Possibilities Together


Seeing how you found your way here, you probably are already a part of this emerging and fast-growing cultural movement expressing the possibility of a higher consciousness for the human experience.

This is an exciting new chapter in our collective human evolution. This directory is meant to help you feel how you are not alone.  In fact, you belong to something larger than all of us… something which utilizes the stresses of the times in which we live, to develop new capabilities and a future our hearts yearn for.

This Evolutionary Connections Directory grew out of Otto Scharmer’s Ulab Transforming Business, Society and Self Course in 2015 and through individual practice groups in various sanghas, where we open ourselves to the emerging future intentionally.

You are invited to participate in building this new directory. If you would like to list your own project, organization, sangha, or teaching, please follow the prompts to do so.  Also, talk to me initially through the contact forms in the website, so that we can co-create this thing together. Subscribe. Stay in touch.

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