Imagine for a moment that you are a caterpillar who is finishing up with caterpillar life.  You have instinctively wrapped yourself in a cocoon. Your old life is dissolving. Nothing works anymore. It looks like chaos.  It looks like the end.

Then, in your imagination, put yourself in the position of being the butterfly coming into being as the caterpillar finishes.  It feels to you now like the caterpillar has recycled himself to support your new life.  Caterpillar chaos and death (?) seems to be allowing room for and actually supporting your becoming something else – something quite new.

One thing we can do in these times of upheaval and turmoil in the world, is to consider this metaphor to begin to look at situations through the eyes of the butterfly.  These new eyes focus not so much on the destruction of the old but see most clearly the arising of a new possibility for humankind.

spiritual awakening