As 2018 begins I have been deconstructing my previous life here in the Bay Area of California and preparing for a leap into an entirely different existence as a full time RVer.  At the same time this change is a release from long-held constrictions on my time and energy and an entry into a period where my whole existence can be dedicated to my top priority, whatever that is.  The period of needing to earn and save money with such a huge portion of my time is coming to an end.  That turns me towards wanting to  clarify what it is that I’m here for.

I’ve been letting the question of what is my role in consciousness change and in the upheaval and transition that is rife in the world percolate for a while, just expressing my openness to serve in whatever way I best fit in. I’m not getting a clear sense of “do this or do that” but I am sensing that my role has to do with being a communicator and a connector.  This morning I added to the front page of my website to try to capture my new sense of things.  Here is what I said:

Are you an Awakener?  It is time to connect…

Spiritual Awakening“Is your sense of who you are changing?  Are you beginning to be able to watch your thinking happening, instead of being completely merged with it?  Are you noticing that a more stable identity, a presence is strengthening in you, as you?

“Can you see things from more than one point of view at once?  Have you started to have new and deeper experiences of connection with others?  Has your religion, spiritual path or other approach taken you to a sense of harvest of some kind, enabling you to start to see the incredible miracle of life when you look around?

“Are you someone who is beginning to be able to hold both sides of today’s conflicts and divisions within yourself and see what is really happening as the political, economic or family dramas play out?  Can you sense the whole the conflicted parts can’t see?

“Are you concerned more and more about things far beyond your own or your family’s well being?  Does caring for humanity or caring for the planet feel more important now than keeping yourself safe?  Do you feel moved to align yourself with the larger whole and find your unique role to play in the greater movements which are happening?  Are you feeling the call to participate in that larger circle?

“If so, you are one of a growing family of awakeners who, through every different tradition or method of development, are beginning to realize that they are arriving at the same unitive point.  Though the uniqueness of our cultural backgrounds are never to be abandoned, all paths are leading home to a realization that we are one life, expressing in many ways.

“This is a new consciousness on our collective human evolutionary journey. Although we had way-showers and teachers who spoke of it over the last few thousand years, it is only now, through the difficulties of the 21st century world that it is finally time to actualize the unity we can now begin to feel.

“All over the world, there are people waking up to a new reality. Many of them are surrounded by people who live in the old world paradigms and ego based, win-lose social, economic and political structures they don’t fit well within any more.

“I feel it is a part of my unique role in the 21st century to create this website and directory and to offer my life to do what I can to help connect this diversely spread out group of awakeners connect more and more, not just with me, but with each other.  Its very clear to me that I don’t have to create community.  The community already exists!  All over, people are already working on all kinds of projects which are coming straight out of this new consciousness and are already a part of this far-flung community which is building a new earth.  Its just that the community network needs to be strengthened, so that we can palpably feel it, know it supports us and let it uplift us with its power.”

Spiritual Community of Awakening

So how, you might ask? We’ll see.  What I see today is that the internet is a fabulous tool for finding each other and the modern communications techniques (I use Zoom a lot) are great for connecting deeply in spite of the distances this community covers.

I have to laugh out loud when I think of how we all wanted to “live in community” back in the 70s and lots of us tried it.  And here we are in 2018, still here, and finding that we already do.  Maybe becoming a full time RVer will be a good combo with this role… I can travel to places where the community gathers! What fun!

Blessings on your journey,