I’ve just returned from being in the desert – Quartzite Arizona to be specific. The desert at first glance appears to be the poorest of lands but under closer inspection turns out to be a rich and varied place full of fascinating adventures.

My adventures in the desert were partly from hiking with someone I met there who grew up in the desert and introduced me to it. The adventures also had to do with the rich human element there in Quartzite. The humans gather in every sort of home-on-wheels here annually when the desert offers an idyllic climate and the rest of the country is cold and snowy.

As for the hiking, it felt like an exercise in how to be conscious when moving through country that, while beautiful in its stark and open way, is also constantly a potential threat – it is constantly looking to perforate my skin!global awakening

And the people – I learned so much from the people.  Taking my little home with me into the desert (my Scamp trailer) I always have my own space wherever I go, and somehow that makes me more able to socialize when it is time for that.

The inner journey has first of all been in daring to go at all. To drive 500 miles with a trailer in tow to go be with groups of random people who I have never met.  It has been exhilarating to have listened to my inner promptings and to just go do it and to be on the road with the big horizon around me, the beautiful scenery moving along and to feel so free. The “separate self” or “functional self” as I currently call it was very much needed to take care of the practicalities of doing such a thing.  This part, which has so long seemed to be just a case of mistaken identity, or an interloper hiding the “real self” turned out to be an essential part of being the fullness of who I am. I finish the trip with a very different feeling about this inner construction.


There is a sense that what I am is a connection between all the levels of what it is to be human.  The heights I feel in meditative states and the kind of awareness needed to hitch a trailer or light a hot water heater are just different frequencies of who I am. I am an energetic combination of all the frequencies I can experience and the lower and the higher are not better or worse than each other, just different. It is living the fullness that matters, and the adventure of stretching more and more to connect with ever higher frequencies and connect them down into the form and substance of life.

It feels like we humans are here to be connectors in that way and the wider we can stretch the more useful we are to life in being a part of the world we are moving towards collectively.  The more we can bring those higher frequencies of life into the levels of form and substance, the more we bring heaven to earth in the most practical of ways. This allows us to become living answers to the dilemmas of today’s world.

Being in the desert has been fabulous.  Now I go back to Stanford for my last five weeks of work before retirement.