Hi Everyone,

I’ve been back in the Sierra foothills now for a week already! After being chased out of Virginia by Hurricane Florence, I found some great weather and wonderful campsites first in Northern New Mexico and then in the Flagstaff area of Arizona.


The Rio Grande Gorge near Taos NM


This was the view from my favorite campsite near Flagstaff’s Walnut Canyon.



The reds and sage greens of the Arizona desert

Below is Sunset Crater, a volcano in AZ that blew in about 1100. Then I got chased out of there by the remains of Hurricane Rosa closing in, but not before exploring some of the ruins of the old pueblo villages.


Waputi ruins. One of the largest hubs for life just after the volcano blew its top.


This is Sunset Crater, what’s left of the devastating explosion around 1100. It is surrounded by lava fields.

After crossing the Mohave Desert and visiting in the Tehachapi Hills (east of Bakersfield, I’m now settling in to a more stationary life for a few months.  In January I think I’ll head down to the Arizona desert for some social meet-ups at Quartzite.

These five months have felt like a transitional time for me. A time to leave behind my old life and let go of its habits and normalcies. Now feels like the beginning of a whole new life but I can’t see it in detail yet.

I know this much. I want to find a way to contribute to this human transition from the old ways of living from ego me-first consciousness and to pioneer a better way. My antennae are up and I’m actively asking to be shown what’s next.

Terry Patten’s book “The New Republic of the Heart” is still resonating with this wish to contribute.  Its only $3 in Kindle right now.  I know Terry from the Evolutionary Collective year I did in 2015 and trust his sense of things, and he is launching a related non-profit now which will bring to life the ideas in the book.  You can check out his website at https://www.terrypatten.com/.  I know I’ll be watching closely what happens with this work which directly addresses what part each of us has to play in creating a sustainable and loving world for future generations.