Hi Everyone,
I’ve been finally getting back to daily writing habit again, and I’d like to share with you one of the short pieces I just finished up this morning.  Its about how at such a critical time in the history of the world, there something that each of us can contribute to.  We can each help make sure that the transition humanity needs to make happens in time.  You can read this short piece (12 pages) and/or download the pdf document at this link.

The title of it is “Awakening in Time” and it is something I will try to circulate it widely and I invite you help by doing the same in whatever way feels right to you. Asking this is not about my being known or making money.  It is about getting the message out and build a New Earth in any possible way at this crucial time in history.

Global Awakening

San Joaquin Gorge bridge

I will be doing whatever I can in my retirement to help our community of awakeners to increase in numbers and strength, and to help make the general public to be aware of the higher possibilities available in this time of chaos and turbulence in the world situation.  We face climate change difficulties, resource distribution challenges, political challenges and increased divisiveness in society and I will be doing my best to verbalize how we might make a creative and inspired response to all of this.

If any of you wish to be of help to me by doing some editing, please reply to this email and let me know.  It is very helpful to get various viewpoints from numerous people on how to make my writing more clear, coherent, understandable and open to different kinds of people.  I am not just talking about the “Awakening in Time” document.  There is a next book which I hope will be ready to be read by others within a month or so.


On another subject, has everyone watched the movie “The Connected Universe” yet?  If not, I recommend it.  There is more info about it at this link.  I watched it on Amazon myself, a few weeks ago.  Nassim Haramein is a physicist who is also a visionary.  I am involved with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s year-long program right now and she introduced me to his work.  It is highly recommended.Nassim-Haramein-touch

Click Here for The Connected Universe link

Nassim’s Official Facebook Page Here

Website for Nassim’s the Resonance Science Foundation


PS – Don’t forget to check out Awakening in Time document and to consider how it might be most advantageously circulated and/or made more effective. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy springtime!



From a recent hike to San Joaquin Gorge -the wildflowers are beginning!