IMG_1918This is written from a cafe in the town of Lake Louise, Alberta where I will be staying for the next 9 nights.  I got here early to make sure I had a good place to set up my Scamp before the retreat with Eckhart starts. See the mountains?  I see them from my pillow.

Its still chilly here… still snowdrifts in the campground. Still avalanche warnings closing a lot of the trails. Yesterday I got an amazing education about glaciers.  All my life I’d been told how the glaciers have formed the hills and valleys I’ve lived among, but it was just book learning. Today I get it. I saw glaciers yesterday on my trip down the “Icefields Highway” from Jasper to Lake Louise. Here I am in front of the Alabasca Glacier.

IMG_1897 What I couldn’t see was the Columbia Icefield which feeds the glacier from high up.  I will put up a drawing of what is behind the above picture.  The Alabasca Glacier is one of the small fingers on the right, and I hope you can see how huge just that really was from my vantage point.


So you see I am really among the giant glaciers here.  The scenery is spectacular, even just out the window of this cafe.  Huge mountains with a lot of snow on them, gorgeous lakes and fast moving rivers and that is just the environment I am in as I prepare myself to make the most of Eckhart Tolle’s “Joy of Being” retreat.

So yes, the scenery out my window is helping. Though there is a tendency to get excited about being here and for the mind to overthink as it gets excited, but that doesn’t seem to last very long. Mountains have an overwhelming presence too.  I am so strongly remembering the information I received from my guidance years ago, that the rocks are alive too, just moving in a longer time-frame than we fast-moving mentally-oriented beings.


So I open myself to see what there is here besides my thinking and let the rocks speak (in the larger sense of the word speak of course). The forests too.

I feel such a support from all of it for the awakening that is why I’m here. But not in an impatient or urgent way. In a calm, loving and joyful way.

The human race will awake when its time and rejoin the joy of being which nature already exudes.

The human race will awake when its time and rejoin the joy of being that nature already exudes as the melting snow here turns to rivulets which become wild and wonderful rivers and waterfalls.


Meanwhile I am working on another round of edits on my upcoming book. The working title as of this morning is “Exploring Deep Connection in Relationship: A peer-learning guide to how our emerging human capacities can help heal our fragmented world” or something like that. I am editing and editing, trying to make it as short and straightforward as possible.