Dear Readers,

Up to this point I have written to you about my big thoughts, about more philosophical matters and not so much about everyday life.  My first book was subtitled “Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice” but I haven’t written about that since, have I?.  Well maybe a little… but I’m stepping it up now for 2018. It’s all about the moment to moment experience of living life as an expression of divinity, right in the midst of the mundane.

Why now?  On a practical level, there has been a serious constriction on my available time to write and work on my web sites in recent years. I’ve been working a super frenetic job – for the last 5 years I’ve been managing doctor training programs for radiologists at Stanford if you want to know.  For 2018 I am wrapping that gig up! (retirement day is 2/23/2018!), letting my apartment in Silicon Valley go, moving into my Scamp camp trailer and literally heading for the hills. Silicon Valley is an exciting place to live, and Stanford has overall been a good place to work and it has all allowed me to save enough to retire.

spiritual awakeningI joined an RV club named “Escapees” and that feels like a good name for this time – I am making my escape. And I’m coming out in another way.  I think its a spiritual bypass of sorts to only present ideas, even inspiring ones. Where the rubber hits the road is in the living of it moment by moment in a grounded human life. I don’t think I’ve done poorly in this area, but I’ve maybe hidden behind my words a bit, and not shared my whole self.

I have a new home base at “Park of the Sierras” where I am writing you from while still just on “winter break” from Stanford. It’s in Coarsegold CA, over near the southern gate of Yosemite.  As a subscriber, you soon will be enjoying photos from all my travels, but first…. this (below) is my Scamp.  I am writing this from inside at the moment, because the morning is cool. It is small but enough for one person for sure, plus Park Sierra has given me a nice big shed which is like having a storage unit. I am set inside my Scamp up today as an office and it’s very cozy and comfortable. This is going to work!

Below is a photo of the new site I moved into at Thanksgiving and its a keeper. This place is quickly becoming my new organizational center and creativity hub – I have been settling in over Christmas/New Years. It doesn’t look like it yet here because the pic below is taken the day before I moved in. See those cones? I had to back my Scamp through those cones!


So what is all this activity all about?  Matching up my outer life with my inner life. Yes, everyday living IS spiritual practice.  The years I have put in working in service in a windowless office in a huge busy hospital are coming to a close and are providing me with the means to dedicate my life more closely to finding a way to offer my unique gifts to life as best I can.  I figure I probably have twenty years that I can now offer to life.  I can write. I can be a support to a community of people who resonate with my sense of things.

I am working hard to get my new website at functional.  It wants to be a hub for connecting the people and projects that I know and feel good about which comprise the rising community of people building a new earth.  I am building a directory called “Evolutionary Connections” listing the main organizations and teachers I know who are building the new.  We are all so dispersed, and yet we truly already are a community as we each do our part in building a new society and new relationships and systems to support it.  And contact with each other can help so much to combat any discouragement as we watch the old world having so many problems.

I like to think of the experience of the caterpillar/butterfly when it is in its cocoon.  The dissollution of what was the caterpillar can look bad from the caterpillar viewpoint. Ugh. Chaos. Mess.  But if we view this process from the viewpoint of the butterfly, we can see if very differently.  The butterfly perspective is much more easily held when we keep contact with each other.

Blessings to all and best wishes for a butterfly-filled 2018.

Spiritual Community of Awakening


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