Early tomorrow morning I will be catching a flight east that I bought several months ago. My job at Stanford came to a finish last week, and I planned to visit family and friends in New England. It just so happened that there was a plane change in Chicago in the middle of the trip. Just a few days ago I received a big surprise! I was invited to come be in the audience for an Oprah Winfrey show in Chicago that will be focused on A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

I know almost nothing more than this still, but the synchronicity of the invitation to come to the show at the same time when I just happened to be in Chicago anyway made it hard to say no. So I will be stopping in Chicago on my way east and will let you all know what that is like on this blog when I have the chance. I had been talking by email to Joan Tollifson, who has lived in Chicago for years and is planning to move to Oregon, and so asked her what hotel to stay at in town. Well, that night she just happened to have dinner with someone who is one of the subscribers to the Wide Awake Living newsletter and who evidently has a very nice guest room where I have now been invited to stay during my time in town. Oh my goodness. It sure looks like life wants me to go to Chicago! I am not someone who ordinarily would ever see the inside of a TV studio. It’s funny how when you let go of the reins of your life, you really had better mean it, because you might just end up doing things that you never would have done otherwise. This has a similar feel to it as the experience I had of being “moved” from Vermont to California. The context it falls in is one of having numerous job applications and interviews for my next position at Stanford, and nothing coming of it so far. Interesting. Mind wants to know what’s going on, but it just doesn’t know. I’m just doing the next obvious thing all the time and seeing where it goes. Maybe if life doesn’t give me a job, its an opportunity to put a lot of focus on writing the next book. But what’s up with this Chicago thing? I know better than to try to guess.