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Hi, I’m Alice.  I live an active life, enjoying the out of doors, gardens, mountains and mother nature generally. I have a Master of Management degree from Cambridge College, Massachusetts.  I currently function as the Housestaff (Residency and Fellowship Program) Manager for Stanford School of Medicine, Department of Radiology and live in the Bay Area.

I am currently preparing to retire from Stanford University and travel around America for a few years. I want to get back to writing again! To this end I purchased a Scamp trailer and have set my retirement date for 2/23/2018.  Here’s what we will look like on the road…

Conscious Evolution

By way of introduction, I was born in Connecticut, and except for living 7 years at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland (1977-1984) lived most of my early adult life in rural Vermont. I have two children, Tara and Derek, who were born at Findhorn and who grew up in rural Vermont.  While being Mom, I ran a dried flower business from my home land near Brattleboro VT.

In 2002 while attending a five day retreat with Eckhart Tolle at the Omega Institute, I experienced a radical shift of some sort, and have been acclimating to a new awareness, a different mode of living ever since. It was confusing at the time. I wrote about that in my first book (you can see my books on the Awake Publishing link on this site).

Spiritual Awakening

The Wide Awake Living website went up by synchronicity and grace in 2003 and my online life began.  That first site has now been integrated into this website. It was originally purely a self expression space: poetry, writing and photography but a newsletter grew out of it, group meetings, and then books.

In 2004, once the kids were away at college, I up and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, regularly attending satsangs and retreats with a teacher named Adyashanti.  Adya was a wonderful help for how to embody the new consciousness and alleviate the mental confusion about what was happening.

spiritual mentor - life beyond belief

My first book

Awake Publishing happened in December of 2006 as a business entity to support the production of Alice’s first book, Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice. A second book named “Finding Our Way Forward, New Perspectives in Human Potential” came out in 2012.

After that 2nd book came out, I took a busy job at Stanford which didn’t allow me time to do much writing, but as my first websites aged out, as it seems that websites will do, I began building this one.

During recent years, I have been connecting with new things like the Evolutionary Collective (I did a yearlong program with them in 2015 that was fantastic) and Thomas Hubl who offers some wonderful online community through his courses. I have been scoping around as much as possible (while at my busy job too) for who is seeing the world situation in the same light that I see it… who is noticing the new consciousness that is dawning on the human race and its relation to all the world’s troubles?Mountain.Quote

There is a 3rd book that wants to be written now, coming out of these years of exploring.  It is already well underway and just waiting for me to retire so i can focus on finishing it up and publishing it.  It is about connection with others as one of the ways into the embodiment of higher consciousness.  More on that later…

Thanks for visiting my blog, website and directory.  Keep coming back and you will see its growth accelerate as I “retire” and have more time for it.  Check around in the directory and see all the fabulous work that people are doing.  Suggest something I haven’t heard about yet it would be good to list.  We are in this together.



Spiritual Awakening Books

More information on both books, including excerpts, can be found at awakepublishing.com

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