Building Online Community Together

Spiritual Mentor

Find support and inspiration by connecting with the fullness of our awakening humanity. It is time for connecting up with others pursuing awakening or a heightened present moment awareness. We may begin our spiritual path on our own, but the embodying of it is not something we do alone. This is a global shift.  Together we […]

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Finding A Way Forward Through Chaotic Times by David Nicol

global transformation, awakening

Thank you to David Nicol for sharing his spiritual vision during these transitional times. “One  of    the    characteristics    of    our    strange    new    post-­‐US    election    world    is    that    things    are    in    such    flux    it    is    difficult    to    orient    ourselves    to    the    new    environment    and    know    what    actions    to    take.    It    is    as    though    a    bomb    has   […]

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